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Through the free digital training and seminars held bi-monthly, both individuals and businesses are exposed to the knowledge of numerous digital tools and how to effectively implement these tools.

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We Love Africa.

With Africa being the second largest continent in the world and the continiet with vast culture we at Flinoid believe Africa to be an amazing continent with so many un explored potentials.

"What is Texvo"

Texvo is a Greek word meaning Technology

Previous Event- Digital Africa with Facebook

This event helped small business ownersto make full use of tools provided by facebook to improve thier business transprency.

Whats New

Favtom wears partners with Flinoid Texvo

Establishments holding digital seminars and trainings with the aim of improving digital literacy in Africa can now get customized t-shirts, caps and pants at great discount by forming alliance with Flinoid Texvo. ...

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This service is a platform designed to offer specialized digital experts up for hire by other Companies who need their expertise at an agreed term.

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