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Learn how to use the right digital tool to easily manage your business using the right enterprise software(ERP/CRM) and the right marketing tools to drive in more sales.

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Through the free digital training and seminars held bi-monthly, both individuals and businesses are exposed to the knowledge of numerous digital tools and how to effectively implement these tools.

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We Love Africa.

With Africa being the second largest continent in the world and the continiet with vast culture we at Flinoid believe Africa to be an amazing continent with so many un explored potentials.

"What is Texvo"

Texvo is a Greek word meaning Technology

Previous Event- Digital Africa with Facebook

This event helped small business ownersto make full use of tools provided by facebook to improve thier business transprency.

Whats New

2019 Digital Africa with Facebook Event (Interview with Founder)

The just concluded digital Africa event will spawn open new platforms to aid businesses in Nigeria and beyond. Flinoid Texvo digital company in Nigeria is currently making lot of moves towards achieving her set goal of preparing the African soil to allow for the growth of digital tools and platforms. On the 4th of May 2019 she had her first digital Africa events with an 80% success rate. The event was held with a goal to expos...

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Did We Tell You About Flinoid Extension ?

This service is a platform designed to offer specialized digital experts up for hire by other Companies who need their expertise at an agreed term.

Flinoid Extension


Shopfrica is a platform to aid vendors sell more products through electronic commerce (ecommerce) this platform is designed to accommodate both vendors looking to sell new and used products to their consumers the most intriguing part is the verification process done by experts who have worked with great ecommerce companies this process spawns fake products and ghost sellers

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