The 2019 Facebook business boost seminar

Digital tools are half the solution!

Are there a lot of digital tools out in the market today? Yes they are.
But the right question is how many of them do we fully understand and utilize their potential most especially here in Nigeria.

Back then in 2016 few months after i started this company Code Forum Software Technology now FLINOID TEXVO with my friend. I was opportune to have a one on one discussion with Engineer Ajulu Uzodike the founder of one of the finest electric cable manufacturing company in Nigeria, Cutix Cables located at Nnewi, Anambara State also the owner of one of the finest hotel and event center in the city of Nnewi, Conv-Aj hotel and event center also located at Nnewi, Anambara  state Nigeria. On a plan to develop a hotel management system for his hotel in his words he said Chidiebere they are lots of existing systems that can handle this task use your technical knowhow to figure out the best system with less flaws, partner with the company developing them, learn about the potentials of these tools and expose them to businesses who are in need of it.

This month we are exposing businesses to the Facebook tools under the Facebook business boost and you are invited to come learn how you can effectively boost your business using Facebook tools
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