2019 Digital Africa with Facebook Event (Interview with Founder)

The just concluded digital Africa event will spawn open new platforms to aid businesses in Nigeria and beyond.
Flinoid Texvo digital company in Nigeria is currently making lot of moves towards achieving her set goal of preparing the African soil to allow for the growth of digital tools and platforms. On the 4th of May 2019 she had her first digital Africa events with an 80% success rate. The event was held with a goal to expose both businesses and individuals to the use of The Facebook tool as an effective tool to reach out to a large mass of people.
Here is what the founder Mr. Chidiebere Okpechi has to say about the event.

“Am glad that successfully a lot of people and businesses were exposed and will be getting the helped they need, am not just talking about the digital Africa event held, aside the events, we have a platform filled with verified digital experts waiting to help these businesses grow their market size and make more sales. Also at the end of the digital Africa with Facebook event we sent out emails to all who registered for the event and all who were present at the event requesting their business details. These details will be filtered according to the business need and for each business an expert from the platform will be recommend. The digital Africa with Facebook event is just a start for what we have prepared for the African market. We strongly believe that 10 years from today 4th of May 2019 if more individual and businesses are exposed to digital knowledge and the use of digital tools they will be huge improvement in the African digital market size as more successful businesses will be established, more entrepreneurs will sprout leading to less employment issues and a better economy. Thanks”


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